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Stages of Endometriosis
What are they?

Endometriosis can be mild where you have one or two patches in one area, or you can have multiple patches of Endometriosis in various parts of the body. These patches can be either on the surface (known as superficial Endometriosis) or deep inside the tissue and surrounding organ(s). 


The staging process is carried out during an operation where your gynaecologist will assess the amount of Endometriosis you have, the depth of it, and the location, staging the condition from one - four or minimal, mild, moderate, and severe. ​


It’s important to know.


The symptoms and the level of pain you have does not necessarily reflect on the severity or stage of Endometriosis, rather it can depend on where the Endometriosis is located, which organ(s) is affected and to what extent.

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