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Our volunteers

Meet our team of volunteers

Our dedicated team of volunteers form the core of our charity. With their diverse range of lived experiences with Endometriosis, each volunteer contributes their unique insights and expertise to further our cause. They generously offer their free time to take on established roles that align with their individual strengths and passions. Their firsthand understanding of the challenges posed by Endometriosis enables them to provide invaluable insights, support and guidance to others. Through their selfless efforts, our volunteers embody the spirit of solidarity and compassion, creating a strong and vibrant community that fosters empowerment, advocacy, and improved outcomes for all those affected by Endometriosis.



Lorna - Charity advisor

Lorna Mclean currently sits of the Executive Committee for the Labour Campaign for Human Rights, and is part of Chatham House's Common Futures' programme. After suffering from typical endometriosis symptoms for 15+ years, she finally received her first excision surgery, and official diagnosis in December 2022. Lorna is working on a number of charity transformation projects-namely securing long-term funding and developing a more holistic charity offering.

Lisa Besbrode.jpg

Lisa - Volunteer coordinator

​Lisa was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis after a 15 year battle to diagnosis. With over 20 years of experience, she now uses the knowledge to help others on their journey to diagnosis and appropriate care.

Nola Headshot_edited.jpg

Nola - Outreach 

Nola is a dedicated and driven individual who works for a Global MedTech company. Nola was diagnosed with both Endometriosis and Adenomyosis following a 15-year diagnosis battle. Now, she is passionate about helping people navigate their journey by spending time replying and keeping up with with general enquiries.


Antoinette - Research & Outreach

Dr Antoinette Cameron-Pimblett spent 6 years working within the Reproductive Medicine Unit at University College London Hospital whilst completing her doctoral research at University College London. After completing her doctoral and battling endometriosis in her personal life, Antoinette has now made it her life’s work to better the lives of women through health tech innovation.


Hannah - Data Analysist

Hannah specialises in social research methods including policy evaluation. Having completed her degree in criminology with integrated professional training, alongside her time at City University of London and after suffering with Endometriosis for many years, Hannah now advocates for young people in education experiencing symptoms of Endometriosis.

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Laura - Policy Maker

Laura's professional background is within mental health and general health advocacy; ensuring legislative and human rights are upheld. Her academic background is within sociology & psychology, demonstrating her passion to improve peoples quality of life and health options. 

Having suffered with Endometriosis since her early teens, Laura works closely with the CEO & trustees to ensure policies are in place to provide consistency and safeguarding.

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