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Endometriosis is widely under-recognised and misunderstood.

Despite being as common as Asthma and Diabetes, it currently takes on average 8 years from the onset of symptoms to achieving a diagnosis of Endometriosis. This is unacceptable. In 8 years a student completes an entire cycle of school! 


There is very little public awareness around Endometriosis. The symptoms can also be similar to those of several other health conditions, such as Acute appendicitis; Interstitial Cystitis and Crohn’s disease; which often makes it difficult for health care professionals to diagnose the condition.


To make matters more challenging, many of these other conditions can also co-exist with Endometriosis. 

Many of those experiencing symptoms of Endometriosis also struggle in getting health care professionals to believe the severity of their pain, often resulting in delayed diagnosis, disease progression, requiring complex surgeries, and issues with fertility. 

About us

The Endometriosis Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of Endometriosis, providing trusted and transparent information, education, and support.​

Our mission is to create a future where Endometriosis is recognised and understood.


Our vision is a future where everybody with Endometriosis receives the care and support they need, especially those within the later stages – moderate to severe.

A condition as common as Asthma & Diabetes should not take 8 years to diagnose!

One of the biggest challenges people with Endometriosis face is accessing the right information and care. Which is why we are dedicated to arming people with transparent, reliable and trusted information to help guide them through their Endometriosis journey.

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