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Endometriosis in Teenagers:
Symptoms, Treatments & More

Pain during periods can be common and it does not always mean there is something wrong, but when this pain is persistent or interrupting your daily life, it may require looking into.


Lots of people will experience period pain and other symptoms which may not necessary be caused by Endometriosis, but that’s not to say young people cannot develop the condition.

Periods can take a while to settle and regulate, and anywhere between one - two years is not uncommon to experience some irregularities and mild pain. This is due to your womb getting used to shedding its lining and some cycles when you do not release eggs.


However, once things have settled down, your periods should be manageable and it should not interfere with your day-to-day life. 

There are many myths and misinformation surrounding Endometriosis and we hope this information is useful to clear some of them up​.

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