Mental wellness while living with endometriosis: Your guide to taking care of your wellbeing.

Living with endometriosis can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting. In addition to the physical symptoms, endometriosis is likely to influence your emotional wellbeing. 

Am I suffering?

Have you noticed you have less interest in things you once enjoyed? Are you feeling anxious? Down? Have the thoughts you had about yourself changed? Are you eating well? Have your sleeping habits changed?

Too often we rush through our day unaware of what's going on around us, leaving us unmindful of how we are really feeling until someday we find ourselves in turmoil wondering where to turn to for help.


Besides seeking therapy, there are lots of ways you can look out for your mental wellness. See below our 12 top tips for taking care of your mental wellbeing.

Get urgent help now for mental wellness 

Find a NHS urgent mental health helpline 

Riannah shares her experiences of living with endometriosis as she bravely opens up about her mental health struggles.