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Win a 4 - night spa retreat for 2 at the picturesque Milton House.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

We’re delighted to share we have partnered with fellow endometriosis suffer and founder of Hold Wellbeing, Michaela Regan. Together, we are offering you and a friend an incredible opportunity to win a place for two at a transformative 4-night stay retreat taking place from September 25th to 29th. The retreat will be held at the picturesque Milton House in Bedford.

This retreat promises a rejuvenating experience, providing a nurturing environment and valuable tools for self-care and well-being. Don’t miss this change to embark on a journey of healing and empowerment alongside Michaela and other like-minded individuals.

In a heartfelt conversation, we had the privilege of speaking with Michaela about the inspiration behind founding Hold which emerged from her own experiences with Endometriosis. Through her own struggles, she recognised the need for a supportive community and resources dedicated to promoting holistic well-being for individuals living with Endometriosis. This fuelled Michaela’s determination to establish Hold Wellbeing – a platform that offers guidance, education, and a safe place for individuals to navigate their own healing journeys.

Michaela’s personal journey has become a driving force behind the creation of an inclusive and empowering space where others can find solace, support, and the tools to enhance their own well-being amidst the challenges of Endometriosis.

Michaela shared her story, highlighting the challenges and hardships she encountered along the way.

“I suffered with pain, acne, bloating and really bad periods since I was 14. I was put on the pill at 14 to help with my skin and try to ease my periods. I remember being sick from the pain, but everyone just tells you period pains are normal! I went to the doctors a few times in my early 20's to try and figure out why a fit, healthy young woman was so exhausted and couldn’t manage a whole day at work without sneaking off to her car for a sleep, but nothing was found.'

‘Eventually, after going through a stressful divorce, my symptoms finally peaked, and I was extremely ill. Thankfully, through my new partner I found Sophie Richards (aka the endospectrum) where I learned about her struggles with endometriosis, and thought it sounded all too familiar! I went to my doctors and had a wonderful locum who put me on the diagnostic journey straight away. Thankfully my work has a wonderful private health scheme, so I was able to get to see a consultant pretty quickly. He was reluctant to perform a diagnostic lap as i didn't have 'all the symptoms'. I begged, cried and pleaded, and it worked!”

“I remember waking up to him sitting on my bed after surgery, and he was a little sheepish. He told me they found so much endo he hadn’t dared touch any of it as I needed a specialist. He had taken some excellent photos though, and 6 months later when I had my specialist excision surgery, my amazing consultant was able to remove it all. ‘I had experienced rather a whirlwind diagnosis, so hadn’t had any time to research the condition. when I actually did do some reading, I couldn’t cope with all the conflicting advice and lack of awareness. What did really pique my interest was how lifestyle changes can really help to manage symptoms, and even extend the amount of time between surgeries - which I was all in favour of!”

The next Hold retreat will be taking place between 25-29th September, in Milton House, Bedford. The retreat includes a 3- or 4-night stay in the luxurious property which features all of the following:

· Own pool and tennis courts

· Fully catered

· Seminar from excision specialist

· Seminar from a nutritionist

· Seminar with pain management and happiness coach

· Seminar with a fertility specialist

· Talk from a menopause coach

· Talk from a hormone coach

· Talk from a Pelvic floor physiotherapist

· Talk from a sports psychologist

· Talk from the female curve on PCOS, Endo, exercise and nutrition

· Strength session with the female curve

· Yoga

· mindfulness

· meditation

· back neck and shoulder massage

· Real community building

· Support and empowerment

· Own time to relax and unwind

· Goody bag!!

“I started on my journey of developing my own retreat, always referring back to my initial brainstorm of 'what are the company morals', 'what is the soul of the company', 'empowerment and education as the key principles.' “So it has been built with Mind Body and Soul at the centre of everything. We have speakers, meditation and hypnotherapy to nourish the mind, movement classes and wholesome food to nourish the body, and community, support and luxury to nourish the soul.” Says Michaela.

For a chance to win a place for you and a friend to join Michaela for the September Hold retreat, head over to our Instagram and tag the friend you’d like to join you.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 4th. All the best of luck!

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