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The Endometriosis Foundation Founder & Chief Exec partner's with Holland & Barrett

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The Endometriosis Foundation Founder and Chief Exec, Carla Cressy partners with Health & Wellness retailer Holland and Barrett & their women’s wellness brand Parla in brining awareness of Endometriosis to the high street.

On March 7th, which falls on National Be Heard day during Endometriosis awareness week and on the very day of The Endometriosis Foundation’s formal launch event held at the Palace of Westminster, House of Lords, across the UK Holland & Barret digital store fronts featured Carla’s personal story as part of their #HerHealthOnTheHighStreet #EndoStories campaign.

Carla says "I was delighted to partner with Holland & Barrett and Parla in brining around awareness to the high street. I hope this encourages more and more people to speak up and reach out for help. Not only that, I was pleased to see the true meaning behind Endometriosis as often we hear its nothing more than painful periods and to highlight what could be really meant a lot to me. When you go through this journey and hear of it being just painful periods it can be disappointing for people like me who have had to go through life changing treatments and sometimes infertility because of the condition".

Following the launch of the #Endostories campaign, Carla was invited to join Kay Burley at Sky News to talk about her personal experiences with Endometriosis and what you can do if you think you may be affected by the condition.

Following this, Carla was also invited to ITV studios where she joined journalist Lucrezia Millarini on the sofa to talk about Endometriosis, sharing her personal story and why the campaign with Holland & Barrett and their women's wellness brand Parla was so important to her.

Holland & Barrett is on a mission to get the nation talking about Endometriosis – one of the least talked about health conditions in the UK. The companies women’s wellness business, Parla, has launched a e-learning programme to help people to manage symptoms of the condition in a healthy and holistic way. The six-week programme is designed to create a safe, non-judgemental space and includes in-depth e-modules, live webinars and a well-connected and supportive community. Ten per cent of profits from the programme will go to supporting The Endometriosis Foundation.

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