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Find a specialist Endometriosis doctor

An Endometriosis specialist is someone whose primary focus is of managing Endometriosis, someone who understands the condition and the ways in which to treat it. This may be a doctor based at your local hospital, or they may be further out in a specialised Endometriosis centre.

A specialist is prepared to work with you to understand your needs and decide together on a treatment plan best suited to you. 

A good specialist would not hesitate to refer you to another professional who may be more advanced in treating Endometriosis to ensure you get the greatest level of care.​

Finding expert help early on is an important step to ensuring that you get the care and support you need, preventing delayed or misdiagnosis, poor treatment, and inadequate care.​​

Why is it important to seek specialist help?

Endometriosis can be seen from clear lesions to pink, red and sometimes dark brown and black patches. These lesions may not always be seen on the surface where instead they can be buried deep beneath various tissues or organs. Therefore, this type of operation requires a high level of skills and expertise as it can be difficult to diagnose by a non-specialist. 

Dedicated nurse specialist's

If you become unwell between appointments, most Endometriosis specialists provide patients with an advice line they can call for help. Advice lines are usually run by Endometriosis nurse specialists who are available to provide support in a time of need.

Get in touch with your specialist and find out the name and contact of your specialist teams dedicated nurses.

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