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Endometriosis in Under 18's

Lots of people will experience period pain and other symptoms which may not necessary be caused by Endometriosis, but that’s not to say young people cannot develop Endometriosis. Because of the many myths and mis-information surrounding Endometriosis, some doctors believe young people cannot develop the condition, however this is simply not true. 

Whilst periods can take a while to settle and regulate, anywhere between one -two years is not uncommon to experience some irregularities and mild pain. However, once things have settled, your periods should be manageable, and they should not interfere with your everyday life. 

What is the most common sign to look out for? 

The most common sign of Endometriosis to look out for is recurring pelvic pain. This pain can come and go, usually worsening around the time of menstruation, although it can also occur before your period starts.


This pain is usually felt in the lower abdomen; lower back; and sometimes extending to the rectum; hips; and legs. Pelvic pain can sometimes be so severe that it can cause significant difficulty in walking and sitting, particularly during your period. This type of pelvic pain may result in people being bedridden and unable to attend school.


Some teenagers may also develop other symptoms such as, heavy, or irregular menstrual bleeding, pain when urinating or passing bowel movements, an overactive bladder, or fatigue (extreme tiredness).

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