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Tertiary Care

If your gynaecologist suspects you may be suffering with later stages (severe) Endometriosis, this may be suggested by assessing your symptoms combined with imaging scans or confirmed by undergoing surgery. Your gynaecologist should refer you to an accredited BSGE specialist Endometriosis centre or clinic.

In tertiary care you should have access to the following specialist doctors - all of which have a specialist interest in Endometriosis

  • An Endometriosis nurse

  • A Gynaecologist

  • A Urologist

  • A Colorectal surgeon

  • A pain management team

  • Advanced tests and imaging equipment

  • Fertility services

Endometriosis specialist doctors and adolescent gynaecology care services are limited, and some services or centres may not always be local.


This should not prevent you from accessing this care.

Refer to NICE [NG73] for Diagnosis and Management Guidelines

Refer to BSGE to find your nearest specialist and/or centre

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