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Virtual support groups

Having started our online support groups during the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, we quickly learned our bi-weekly online meet up groups are effective, and much needed.


The purpose of these group are to provide a safe place, a community support group available for people to turn to in a time of need. 


Endometriosis can be a progressive and unpredictable condition, and for many people living with Endometriosis, having a regular group to turn to for help can be reassuring.


We are determined to raise the money we need to enable us to train our volunteers to run these groups for members in their local community, providing a space where members can join from the comfort of their home.


These groups are particularly helpful for those who may find it difficult to leave home. 

We are fundraising to expand and develop our support services 

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If you're interested in volunteering with us 

Get in touch.

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