Hello, I'm Khloee

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in August 2019. I started my period at roughly 10/11 years of age. They were heavy and very painful. As my teenage years went on, my periods got worse. I thought this was normal as I didn’t know any better. I would go to the doctors but I wasn’t taken seriously. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) was mentioned and I was later diagnosed with that. I then had the Mirena coil fitted to help with my periods, which they did but I was still getting them.

My Story

I had numerous gynaecology appointments, blood tests and ultrasound and internal scans, but it wasn’t until 2018 (age 22) when I had an ultrasound for my bladder and kidneys, they found endometrioma cysts on both ovaries by fluke. I spoke to a gynaecologist who mentioned endometriosis which I hadn’t heard of before. I was surprised I didn’t know anything about endometriosis. They mentioned laparoscopic surgery and because I was in shock I said I’d think about it.


I came across Carla and her story and joined her Southend support group The Endometriosis Foundation, where I learnt more about the condition. A few months later I had another gynaecology appointment where I was put on the waiting list for laparoscopic surgery. I had my surgery on August 8th 2019 where they then diagnosed me officially with endometriosis. I still have lots of pain every month and all throughout the month and I'm still no closer to being pain free. Because of this my mental health has deteriorated. 


The Endometriosis Foundation has helped me so much with managing my pain and understanding the condition better. I joined before being diagnosed and they helped me prepare for my diagnosis. Since then, I have been receiving so much support and advice that has helped me cope better. Carla and Katie are so genuine and kind it makes it so much easier to talk about things. Thank you so much


If you feel like you have endometriosis please push and push for appointments, you know your body more than anybody else. They are many people that suffer from this awful disease and painful periods aren’t the only symptoms you can get. Also reach out to Endometriosis foundation. Research about the disease so you have idea on what to say/expect when getting the diagnosis. Most of all, you’re not alone and we will raise more awareness and we will be taken seriously when it comes to Endometriosis.